The Value of Piano Lessons

Quality piano study is an investment in a student's future. It is a golden opportunity to introduce a student to a lifelong love of music as a leisure activity, or even as the first steps in a professional career.

Like school-based teachers, a piano teacher needs to make a living. Private piano education at your home is more than an hour of the teacher's time; the cost of the lesson also includes the teacher's preparation and research, experience, educating skills, expenses and follow-up procedures.

A piano lesson is much more than simply learning to play the insturment. A committed and enthusiastic teacher introduces the student to the wonderful world of music, its extensive history, infinite variety of styles and fascinating lives of the composers and performers.

Piano study is an invaluable and unique one-to-one educational experience of interpersonal skills, mutual respect and individual expression. It builds self-confidence, develops goal-setting, self-discipline, hand-eye coordination, motor-skills and uses brain functions that are unique to music.

Does Dulais Rhys "practice what he preaches"? Ask his former students – please see References.

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